Washington West Film Festival / Dulles Community Church

I just found out I’ll be able to attend the Washington West Film Festival, thanks to a couple of friends who are pitching in for the cost of my plane ticket. When I found out the pastor of our sending church, Dulles Community Church, was starting a film festival, I started begging for an opportunity to help out. I mean, how uncanny is that, given that this is our sending church, and we are here in Africa doing filmmaking?

So, I’ll be assisting at the film screenings in a technical capacity. But more than that, I’ll have the opportunity to meet other indie filmmakers and share stories and ideas and inspiration. I’ll also be leading worship at DCC that weekend and speaking in the service. And who knows… maybe even showing that secret film I can’t talk about publicly

I’ll be in Northern Virginia from November 1 to 12, and would love to see everyone who lives in the area. Please email me so we can find a time to get together!