Movie update: 2 weeks, 25%, exhausted and exhilarated

Since last Tuesday, our first day of filming, we’ve completed filming on about 25% of our movie, the Distant Boat. It’s exhausting work, requiring 12+ hour days (or nights) on our feet, loading in/out dozens of cases of equipment, a dolly, crane, and coordinating a cast of crew of around 15.

Tomorrow, we film our climax scene, to take place in a church in Nairobi, with a couple hundred extras on set. I’m very thankful, as the director, to have a highly competent Assistant Director and Production Manager, who manages the logistics so I can focus on the acting and the creative aspects of such a large shoot.

I wanted to take a quick moment to share some prayer requests and some behind-the-scenes videos and photos with you all. Please pray for the health and endurance of our crew, particularly, and our families who sacrifice a lot when we are this busy. Pray for Lesa and her grad school thesis completion, and her play which is coming up. Pray for more funding to come in, as things are constantly popping up that need addressed and we can’t account for in our limited budget. And pray for this film, that in the acting, the filming, the editing, the entire production would bear much fruit to God’s glory, and mobilize a new generation of African missionaries.

Click to watch “Behind the scenes, with Andy the director, week 1!”

Click to watch the film’s commissioning service with 50 Kenyan church leaders

Click to see more behind-the-scenes photos