Educating and raising awareness for your cause requires thoughtful, nuanced story-based filmmaking. Finding, developing, and producing these stories is my specialty. As a filmmaker, I’ve directed/filmed/edited over 30 productions in a dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East for many mission organizations, NGOs, and non-profits. In 2012 I was asked to direct a Kenya-based feature film for world-wide distribution, THE DISTANT BOAT (2013), which went on to be featured in film festivals around the world and continues to make waves in the missions community. The effects of stories like this are far reaching, life changing, and will be felt for generations. I love telling these stories and have a complete production studio equipped to handle all aspects of production, from concept to post, from shooting to color grading, from editing to scoring.

Compassion InternationalSPbgeaAIMSIMICCWycliffe


  • Experienced in entire lifecycle of production, every major production role
  • Big picture creativity
  • International documentaries
  • Cross-cultural nuances


  • Director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, composer
  • Final Cut X, Premiere, Motion, After Effects
  • Canon DSLRs, C100/C300, Panasonic AF-100, Sony EX-1, Lumix GH2/3/4
  • DJI Ronin, Atomos Shogun