About Andy

headshots_andy01_04-2014From elementary school, I declared my college major: a double in computer science and piano performance. A dozen years later I graduated with both degrees, in search of how to combine the technical and the creative, the tool and the art, the left and the right brain.

From elementary school, I also had a strong desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, to make a difference in the world through my blend of gifts and interests. This led me to the decision in 2002 to step back from a successful career in web development to begin working for ministries and non-profit organizations in music, media and communications.

Those interests eventually led my family and me overseas on a grand adventure as a documentary producer, photographer, communications consultant and movie director. I’ve been fortunate to have these amazing experiences, and they have taught me much about the power of story in transcending political, cultural, and religious boundaries to influence and change lives.

Talk to me

A multi-faceted media producer, with experience living and working internationally.

A filmmaker, with documentaries from over a dozen countries throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

A trained musician on multiple instruments, performing with many professional jazz, pop, and afro-fusion artists; a music director/worship leader in four churches over 17 years; a composer for a feature film and many short films and documentaries.

A software engineer with five years of professional web development experience.

A father to three children and husband to an arts educator/ freelance writer.